Voluntary Services

Our voluntary services are open to anyone interested in getting involved in society and working with and alongside people of all ages in various fields of social work. We provide more than 1,250 work places to volunteers every year. No specialist training is required. As a volunteer you will discover and contribute your own personal strengths and interests for others and for society.

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Voluntary Social Service Year (FSJ)

Voluntary Social Service Year (FSJ) offers young people between the ages of 16 and 26 the chance to develop new prospects for their own future, whilst actively getting involved in society.
Every year the Wohlfahrtswerk offers positions to about 1,250 volunteers in more than 600 institutions, thus being one of the biggest providers of FSJ positions in Baden-Württemberg. Irrespective of gender, religion, nationality or level of education, these young people receive a hands on experience of everyday working life in a multitude of institutions run by different Non-Profit Organizations.

FSJ is open to foreigners already living in Germany as well as to young people who come here specifically for this purpose (‘incomers’). Recognized asylum seekers who have received positive notification from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees may also begin an FSJ (Please note, that German language skills level B1 or higher are mandatory).

Federal Volunteer Service (BFD)

We also cooperate with the Federal Volunteer Service (BFD). Within this volunteer program we are able to offer about 200 placements in the social sector across Baden-Württemberg and provide training and support for participants. In addition this service is also open to persons above 26 and to foreign citizens.

  • Working with children and young people in the education sector
  • Facilities for elderly people
  • Hospitals
  • Working with people with disabilities
  • Mental Health institutions
  • support at the work-place by skilled employees
  • participation in mandatory seminars (all costs for full board accommodation are covered during these weeks)
  • pocket money
  • accommodation, food and work clothes may be provided
  • social security

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