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Wohlfahrtswerk für Baden-Württemberg is one of the biggest providers of services for the elderly in Baden-Württemberg, caring for around 2,000 elderly people with a team of 1,500 employees. We offer a range of residential options from sheltered housing to in-house residential care, residential communities for the elderly and a generation house, as well as a wide range of services for assisted living in ones own home. For more than 200 years the foundation incorporated under civil law and its predecessors has been following two fundamental functions: to maintain social services and facilities and to encourage and implement innovation in the social sector.

The charitable foundation owes its existence to the initiative of a courageous, uniquely individual woman: In the year 1817, Queen Katharina of Württemberg established a number of charitable associations, placing them under the direction of a central steering body. The daughter of a Russian Tsar and the wife of King Wilhelm I, Katharina set out to combat poverty, thus laying a solid foundation for social policy in the State of Württemberg.

Who We Are and What We Do

Focus of our work are services for and care of senior citizens. At 19 locations in Baden-Württemberg we offer a complete range of services for the elderly. We also operate special care services for young people and those suffering from dementia.

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Many pioneering new care and residential concepts for the aged have their roots in the work of the Wohlfahrtswerk. To encourage and implement innovation in the social sector is one of our fundamental functions. This willingness to experiment, the receptiveness to new ideas and to change have twice placed the Wohlfahrtswerk as a top innovator among the top 100 small and medium enterprises.

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Our education Center offers a comprehensive programme of training and further education in the field of care for the elderly. All classes are open to our own employees as well as to those working with other employers.

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Our voluntary services are open to anyone interested in getting involved in society and working with and alongside people of all ages in various fields of social work. We provide more than 1,250 work places to volunteers every year. No specialist training is required. As a volunteer you will discover and contribute your own personal strengths and interests for others and for society.

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We pass on our considerable experience gathered in the management of social services on to others. We are involved, for instance, in the management of the Rudolph and Sophie Knosp Foundation, which is mainly concerned with providing support to children and young people in Stuttgart.

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