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Living with us


Living in residential accommodation




In-patient residential nursing care


After extended hospitalization, an increasing need for care or advancing dementia, relatives are often faced with a tough question: Is it possible for their spouse or parent to go on being adequately cared for at home?

Elderly people in need of care who are no longer able or willing to cope in their own four walls will find a new home in one of our residential care centres. Here, we offer personal attention, a feeling of security as well as nursing and housekeeping services – round the clock where required.

Also those suffering from different forms of dementia will be protected and treated with kindness in our residential care centres. Our aspiration is to accept your “being different”, to treat you with respect and to preserve your dignity.

Space for companionship and enjoyment


Good quality nursing care and provision are important – but equally important in our book is that our homes are filled with life and offer scope for enjoyment: Parties, concerts, lectures and worship are all just as much part of the day-to-day routine as arts and crafts, singing and joint outings. To encourage and promote the physical and mental agility of our residents, we offer regular fall prevention instruction, physiotherapy or memory training.

Our homes are closely intermeshed with local communities: Volunteers help create variety in daily life, by giving their time and offering individual skills. There are friends associations and support groups linked to many of our homes which build up strong personal ties to the homes and their residents. Relatives are naturally welcome at any time.

No two people are quite the same – nowhere is this saying as true as in the field of residential nursing care. We pay particular attention to structuring the daily routine and the offered services in line with the individual needs and habits of our residents.

Services at a glance:

  • Choice of individual room décor possible
  • Personal hygiene
  • Execution of doctors’ orders
  • Support with personal care such as dressing and undressing
  • Support at mealtimes
  • Round-the-clock personal safety
  • Varied cultural and social program
  • Social advisory and support service
  • Freshly cooked meals every day (choice of different menus)




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