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In the field of care for the elderly, we deal regularly with people who need support, and who are no longer capable of understanding or insisting on their rights. This makes it all the more important that those involved and their relatives are able to rely fully on us. And on the quality of the services we offer.


Regular checks


The quality of our homes and services is regularly put to the test. As a provider, we offer the assurance of combined internal quality management, voluntarily obtained quality seals and audits within the framework of mandatory visits from the Care Home Regulatory Authorities and the Medical Service of the Health Insurance Fund (MDK). The internal perspective and regulatory inspection from external bodies go hand in hand to shed light on different aspects of the quality (of life) we offer.

Memorandum of Quality: Our claim to provide "good care"


The issue of quality has many facets. These include good nursing and medical provision as well as social and cultural aspects and the personal attention and commitment of our support and nursing staff.

In terms of its key area of residential care homes, the Wohlfahrtswerk Foundation has jointly set out together with home advisory boards, volunteers and staff what actually comprises ”good care” in its Memorandum of Quality.

In keeping with our memorandum, we encourage employees to weigh up between what has been prescribed and what will actually benefit an individual – and in case of doubt to make a person’s personal wish their priority.