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Who we are




“All those willing to help others must be bound together as a unit and put to work in the grand business of caring for our fellow man.”

Queen Katharina I of Württemberg


Wohlfahrtswerk für Baden-Württemberg is a charitable foundation which owes its existence to the initiative of a courageous, uniquely individual woman: In the year 1817, Queen Katharina of Württemberg established a number of charitable associations, placing them under the direction of a central steering body. The daughter of a Russian Tsar and the wife of King Wilhelm I, Katharina set out to combat poverty in the State, so laying a solid foundation for social policy in the State of Württemberg.


Today, as a foundation incorporated under civil law, Wohlfahrtswerk is one of the biggest providers of services for the elderly in Baden-Württemberg, caring for around 2,000 elderly people with a team of 1,400. Although the name, the legal form and the tasks of the Foundation have changed several times over the years, its two fundamental functions have remained the same across the centuries: to maintain social services and facilities and to encourage and implement innovation in the social sector. 



Pioneer of new forms of living

Many pioneering new care and residential concepts for the aged have their roots in the work of the Wohlfartswerk



Services for the elderly and those in need of care

Today, in a total of 19 locations in Baden-Württemberg, we offer a complete range of services for the elderly. This forms the focus of our work. We also operate special care services for young people and dementia sufferers.



Education Center

Our education Center offers our own employees and those from other employers the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest developments and findings.



Charitable foundation management skills 

We pass on our considerable experience gathered in the management of social services on to others. We are involved, for instance, in the management of the Rudolph and Sophie Knosp Foundation, which is mainly concerned with providing support to children and young people in Stuttgart. 



Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) and Voluntary National Service (BFD) 

Offering posts to about 1,250 volunteer school levers and graduates, the Wohlfahrtswerk Foundation is one of the biggest supporters of the Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) scheme in Baden-Württemberg. The young men and women working on the FSJ scheme are deployed in 400 institutions run by different not-for-profit – mainly non-religiously aligned – charitable organizations. The Wohlfahrtswerk Foundation also works in cooperation with the Voluntary National Service (BFD) scheme. We mediate some 200 placements in different social welfare services across Baden-Württemberg, provide training support for participants and hold seminars. 


Head Office
Head Office

Falkertstraße 29

70176 Stuttgart

Tel.: 07 11 / 6 19 26-0

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