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The Haus am Kappelberg Centre is located at the foot of the vineyards of Fellbach. The Centre was founded in 1962 and has been continuously expanded and renovated ever since. Assisted living apartments are housed in two wings. These are architecturally linked by the main building which houses the in-patient residential nursing care home and accommodation for day care, night-time care and temporary respite care. On the site of the original nursing care home, a bright and friendly residential building has been constructed which was occupied for the first time in January 2008. Here, a number of serviced residential communities have been established. This represents a totally new residential and support concept which allows residents to lead a largely normal life despite their need for nursing care. 

What the centre has to offer

The Haus am Kappelberg centre provides 98 single rooms in serviced residential communities and eleven places for temporary respite care – these cater to all care level requirements. Added to these are three places for night-time care and twelve places for day care.
The 90 assisted living apartments are small self-contained residential units suitable for single residents or couples.

Note for visitors interested on a professional level: If you wish to find out more about this Centre and its concept, for example as part of a study trip, please contact our central administration services on +49 711/61926-101. We will be pleased to review the possibility of arranging a site visit. 


Getting in touch:

Haus am Kappelberg
Stettener Straße 23 – 25
70734 Fellbach


Tel.: 07 11 / 5 75 41 - 31
Fax: 07 11 / 5 75 41 - 39


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